Hey all, it's time for the Twisted Hunt once again!

This hunt's theme is "arcane".

I made a spooky arcane circle for the floor of your hut/dungeon/grove/cottage. Four prims in two versions (clean and broken--or what I like to call the "I've made a huge mistake" version):

Arcane Circle Broken Arcane Circle

I also made a gacha prize set that will only be available through the length of the hunt (March 1 to 31). Signs and Symbols facial tattoos:

Gacha prizes for Twisted Spring 2012

Oddment is number 52 on the hunt--start the hunt @ +DV8+

Oddment main store
Oddment @ Marketplace

It's time once again for the Tainted Love hunt--a hunt for the darker, more disturbing side of love. Oddment's prize this year is Bluebeard's Castle. Boy, that was a bad marriage, no?

I think it's a law in SL that every resident must have at least one castle in their inventory. Bluebeard's Castle is medium-sized (75 prims, 20x26 footprint) that fits nicely on a 1024m or larger plot. Two main floors connected by a spiral staircase. Then there's the third floor room.

Don't go into the third floor room.

Bluebeard's Castle for the Tainted Love hunt

Oddment is stop #12 in the hunt. Start the hunt @ Yellow Jester!

Ohai. It's been a while, but I am still alive! And I even made some new things. I've been playing around with making SL clothes. First is a freebie gift:

Love Triangles red dress -- freebie!

And a fancy velvet gown in five lovely colors:

I made a gown

And a goofy fun pixelated frock I've put in a gacha machine:

Pixelation dress

Find all these on the second floor of my main store, Oddment. Also available (except for the gacha dress, natch) on SL Marketplace!

The Tainted Love hunt begins February 1 and Oddment is store #8 in the hunt lineup.

Find the heart (there may be some decoys for you hunt radar wearin' peeps) and get a tree inspired by the story of Daphne and Apollo.


I also restocked the lucky boards with two new items--a swing with two sits and a field of grass speckled with tiny hearts. Five minute timers on each board.

less-than-three couple swing luv grazz

And to make up for the nasty sayings candy heart gacha, I've made a field of soft, pretty candy heart flowers with sweet cutesy sayings. It's Valentinerrific!

Sweet Hearts candy flowers

Oddment main store [SLURL]

I've put out a new Gacha machine at the shop [SLURL] filled with conversation hearts--you know, those chalky, dry heart-shaped bits of sugar with cutesy sayings on them? Except these don't have cutesy sayings, they have terrible, awful sayings that you'd never ever say to someone you loved. They're anti-Valentine's day conversation hearts.

5L per play, 20 hearts to collect and trade.

Gacha vendor @ Oddment - Candy Hate Hearts

I censored two of the words in the ad prim, but they're visible on the hearts themselves.

Come down and collect them all!

Oddment main store [SLURL].

Oddment has three things hidden around the shop for the 12 Days of Deathmass hunt.

The first has a clue to the second, which has a clue to the third. The third has the landmark to the next store in the hunt.

12 days of Deathmass gift #1

12 days of Deathmass gift #2

12 days of Deathmass gift #3

Oddment main store [SLURL]

Oddment is in two hunts this October.

The Halloween Unknown Hunt [blog] [starting SLURL]
Oddment's gift is a candy corn version of grazz. Rot your teeth in a field of orangy goodness!
candy corn grazz

And the Hunt of the Living Dead [blog] [starting SLURL] Oddment's zombilicious gift is a 'mob of zombie noobs' avatar.
mob of zombie noobs avatar

There's also new items for sale-- a one-prim golden autumn leaves ceiling hanger and the corn maze kit:
autumn leaves Cornfield

Oddment main store [SLURL]
Oddment on the Marketplace [URL]

Oddment [SLURL] is participating in two hunts that started today. For the Autumn, 2010 Twisted Hunt, I have a spooky corn maze kit. Five copy/mod pieces (straight and curved) to make your own corn mazes/corn fields/crop circles... comes with a crow-emitting scarecrow.


I also put out an extra gifty for Twisted hunters: a tiny twisted box avatar! It even spins like the real thing. Pick it up and drive your fellow hunters insane. Comes with alpha layer or invisiprim version.

an extra gifty for twisted hunters

AND, I've marked down all orange or yellow items 50% in the main store only!

The starting point for Twisted is DV8 [SLURL]. Oddment is stop #103 out of 195, so stick it out.

The second hunt is the Birthday Blitz hunt. I have a sparkly ceiling hanging set out for BB hunters. You're looking for a cupcake.


The starting point for Birthday Blitz is DivaLicious [SLURL]. Oddment is stop #28.

Finally, I have three fun new one-prim flower fields set out on the New board. Click for larger images. Groovy Flowers, Purple Pinwheels, and I drawed some flowers!

Groovy Flowers Purple Pinwheels I drawed some flowers

All out at Oddment [SLURL]

I've just released a set of rainbows and other colorful light beams. What you get in the box:

Three sizes: 10m, 20m, 30m. (Note: the 20m & 30m size use phantom megaprims.)
Two styles: narrow/focused and wide/diffused.
Eight beam types: rainbow, vivid rainbow, pastel rainbow, blue, green, gold, purple, silver.

You can turn the delicate particle effect on or off. Change the beam texture with a touch.

All are COPY, so you can fill your garden with magic and light.

Each beam is only THREE prims.

Really must be seen to be appreciated--come down to Oddment [SLURL] and see them in person!

Palette Box - rainbows & other beams

Rainbow! big blue beam under the shop

I've also set the disembodied, tentacled, floating head inna jar avatar WE COME IN PEACE for sale, for those who missed it on my birthday.

AND, I've been updating some older items to be lower prim--including the happy trees, the batty tree, and several flower fields. Come down and see!

Oddment main store [SLURL]

August 20 is my RL birthday, and it also happens to be H. P. Lovecraft's birthday, too. So I made a tentacular avatar to celebrate. WE COME IN PEACE is you -- as a disembodied, tentacled, floating head inna jar.

Comes with both viewer 2 alpha layer (yay!) or invisiprim option for older viewers.

Out at Oddment [SLURL] and FREE only on August 20th.